Charity Programme - CSR by OSC

Cause : Educational & Infra Support to the Institution.

Retardation is not a curse, it is a condition. Retarded baby can take birth in any family but every parent of a special child has a question- “why me /why my baby?”

The answer is- what we can do for the all-round development and growth of our blessed special child.

In order to support this noble cause of our association with special children, we would like to extend a zeal and push to these children by providing them

  • Vocational training

  • Infrastructure development

  • Audio visual aides

  • Therapy support by best doctors

  • Materials to make their studies better

  • Materials to support the special children at their house


In view of this, we take up a cause to extend our support in a small way by contributing from our hands or taking help of our friends and well-wishers for this noble cause.


Any amount of Rs 10 to 100 to 500 or any amount from every individual will make a child’s living worthwhile at this school. 

To support this cause please proceed to make a payment generously from the below options. 

phone pe


Please mention the Contestant Name in the Reference while making the donation to charity. 
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