Karen Crasta

Contestant - Miss Forever Beautiful 2019 &

Miss Pride Of Karnataka 2019

Mysore Palace an incredible man-made edifice.  A royal residence of the mighty Wodeyar rulers.
The pride of Wodeyars and the centerpiece of Dasarha celebrations in Karnataka.  It is the structure that is closer to the heart of every Kannadiga and so as mine . And when it is lit up like this . It is not hard to see why! 

Tanuja V

Contestant - Miss Pride Of Karnataka 2019

Asha Bhat from Bhadravati Karnataka, she won Miss Supranational in the year 2014 and become the 1st Indian to win Miss Supranational title. She is the founder of an NGO called Astra foundation

Michelle Quadros

Contestant - Miss Forever Beautiful

More often than not, we find ourselves attracted to the calm waves of the sea, the serene look of the lake among all the chaos of the city away from the worries of our lives. We find ways to escape all the troubles of the world and run towards the tranquility of nature and there we search for a light that serves our life a purpose , the ray of light that amazes us and dawns upon us in time. The most unspoken words of appreciation should indeed be dedicated to the natural healing places in Karnataka - the lakes, the seas and its beaches that remind you to step back from the rush and humdrum of life and enjoy the little moments in life, to rejuvenate your mind and give you all the calmness you require .  

The pride of Karnataka is its water sources and the beauty and glory it brings to all the people around.

"The most beautiful sunsets are often captured around still waters that reflect the true bounties of nature. Water bodies in and around Karnataka are not only a major source of water but also add to the essence of its beauty to its residents and travellers."

Navami P

Contestant - Miss Teen Pride Of Karnataka 2019

Farmers are the backbone of our country .These farmers who work for the development of our nation , Their service is unforgettable.The farmers wait for 6 to 7 months for the complete growth of the seeds.Sometimes due to natural calamities the crops which they grow might be distroyed were they bear the loss , In general farmers face problems every time .

By seeing these difficulties from birth inspired by his parents a farmer named Poovappa Poojary started farming at the age of 15.He was born in a poor family at padebettu of padubidri. Due to poverty he was deprived of his education,

At his young age he engaged in fielding and made it as his profession. He grows sertain grains and he also grows vegetables like ladies finger , beans,chilli and other vegetables too.He have also planted banana plant and coconut trees instead he also rare cows .

By seeing his achievements in farming sector many societies have been awarded him ,He have also been Awarded by the agricultural department of udupi .even at the age of 80 he works in the field like a youth .so I feel he is one of the ''PRIDE OF KARNATAKA''.


​Contestant - Miss Forever Beautiful 2019

"Ancient aesthetics have perplexed us with their intriguing structures and dynamics. They paved way for us to lead with their ideas. Let us celebrate the fabulous civilization"

Hampi is one of the great monuments of Karnataka and Second-largest medieval-era city, and probably India's richest at that time, attracting traders from Persia and Portugal. Hampi continues to be an important religious centre, housing the Virupaksha Temple.

The Monolithic sculptures and monuments, attract the tourist all around the World.

The carvings are quite evocative and the entrails of it has a different feel to it. This is a place where we get the sense of ancient times and makes us ponder about the lives without modern technology. Imagine to fabricate an object, one needed artisan skills. Education was a system where everyone was taught to learn anything. The work culture made a true outdoors-man. The food was farm fresh, free of fertilizers and people had the luxury of longevity.

A must visit place if one is interested in history, culture and ancient architecture. Experience the incredible ruins which was once at the epitome of prosperity. 

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