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The titles presented by OSC Events stand registered titles, one of the first such title owned company towards the Coastal Districts. These titles indeed are a great platform that provides a breakthrough arena for our sponsors via newly conceited ideas and tasks that promote our partners, all though the stages of the contest until the finale.   

The target audience consist of all age group between 13 years to 65 years of age, which include teens , students, working class, and married women. The contests also majorly consist of the SuperMom, Mrs Pride Of Karnataka, Mrs Manipal & Mrs Forever Beautiful ( exclusive for christian community) and these categories are the consistent decision makers and takers  of their homes. 

The target geographical audience and participation is not just locally but includes all parts of Karnataka with contestants participating from Mumbai and Hyderabad too ( original residents of Karnataka).

The three top winners will receive worth cash prizes totaling to the sum of Rs. 1,00,000.


Subtitle winners will receive gift hampers and vouchers.

The Sponsors can either sponsor single subtitle or multiple subtitles as per their convenience. 

 - Mr Pride Of Karnataka

- Miss Pride Of Karnataka

- Teen Pride Of Karnataka

- Mrs Pride Of Karnataka

- Mr Manipal 2020

- Miss Manipal 2020

- Mrs Manipal 2020

- SuperMom Of Karnataka

- Princess Forever Beautiful 2019

- Miss Forever Beautiful 2019

- Mrs Forever Beautiful 2019
- 1st & 2nd Runner Up
- Mr / Miss / Teen / Mrs. Beautiful Smile
- Mr / Miss / Teen /Mrs. Photogenic
- Mr / Miss / Teen /Mrs. Popular - Social Media
- Miss / Teen /Mrs. Beauty with a Purpose
- Miss / Teen /Mrs. Timeless Beauty
- Miss / Teen /Mrs. Beautiful Hair
- Mr / Miss /Princess / Teen /Mrs. Fit & Fabulous
- Mr / Miss / Princess /Teen /Mrs. Inspiration
- Mr / Miss / Princess /Teen /Mrs. Runway
- Mr / Miss / Princess /Teen /Mrs. Fashion Icon
- Mr / Miss / Princess /Teen /Mrs. Talented
- Mr / Miss / Princess /Teen /Mrs. Popular Face

- Miss / Teen /Mrs Beautiful Eyes

- Mr Man with a Voice

We continuously strive together as a team to give the utmost benefits to our patrons & sponsors, who are indeed the backbone of our events. 
The tailor made sponsorship deliverable does ensure that their brand / product is always effectively projected and promoted. Our individual tasks for contests for brand marketing helps gain visibility to the brands on social media via their own pages as well as from the contestants. This endures the sponsors a high level reach of their business operations thus making their brand visible on an individual level of Mouth to Mouth Advertising.

  • Individual subtitle sponsorship with branding opportunity ( Eg : "OSC" Miss Beautiful Walk )

  • Logo Branding opportunities across print, publicity paraphernalia and photoshoots and crew tshirts. 

  • Logo branding opportunities on all the production enhancements and accessories

  • Interactive product experiences with the contestants during their grooming sessions or during the visits to their outlets for tasks.

  • Promotions of your brand or product and offers from time to time on our social media channels

  • Inclusion of your brand and product during the telecast on our Channel Partner

  • 1 minute x 5 times brand videos / ads on our finale. 

  • Promotional activity opportunity during the Grand Finale.

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