A new world of Fashion Pageants

A era of beauty pageants began after a gap of 20 years in Manipal with the entry of Mr Miss Teen & Mrs Manipal 2020. The show brought back age old memories of beauty pageants in the 80's towards the coastal districts.

Though Mangalore was towards inclining mode for fashion / beauty & pageants, Udupi & Manipal though being a education hub was lagging behind in the same. Though not rampantly evident, the beauty pageants did see a ray of light in inter college fests and competitions. But getting a pageant to the mainframe was something that did not happen for 20 years.

With the Bollywood industry roaring its glory with beauties from the coastal Karnataka, we still find it difficult to find the hidden treasures. The most magnificent and glorious beauties and hunks do dwell around here but touching a platform to portray their efficiency is not their cup of tea.

No wonder the Fashion industry did take up more life span than mangalore to come up here in Manipal, it also was due to the slow growth of the city. Malls and fashion houses are just blossoming and it sure will take a couple of more years, a few more efforts by the event managers to bring the talents to the main stream arena of the fashion world. It will take time for the industries to notice the real talents that dwell and grow here.

Last updated : 19h May 2020.  18:49PM

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