Q : What is Smile?
A : Smile is a website where you can book personalized video shout outs / Video Messages and Autographed  phots from your favorite celebrities for all occasions. Our mission is to create an authentic and momentous experience which you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Q : How does Smile Work?
A : It’s simple, select the celebrity, fill in the details, type your message and click on “Book Now”. You’re set! Now all you have to do is be a little patient for the celebrity to reply to your request.

Q : How much does a personalized video message cost?
A : The cost of a Smile video is set independently. Since we have celebrities from different walks of life, the price will vary depending on which celebrity you choose.

Q : How will I receive my personalized video message?
A : Within 15 days, you will receive a downloadable personalized video message link in the email id provided by you.

Q : Can I share my personalized video message?
A : Of course! The video message is yours to keep for life. Go ahead, share it with the world and start a trend.

Q : What if I don’t get my personalized video message and I have already paid for it?
A : Don’t worry, Smile has a 15-day expiry day for the celebrity to accept your request failing which the you will be given an option to choose another celebrity or else the request gets cancelled and your amount is fully refunded. This happens in the rarest of cases.

Q : How many celebrities are available on Smile?
A : There are over 300 celebrities available on our platform. From movie stars and TV stars to athletes, singers, dancers and influencers. We have something for everybody.

Q : Can I be notified when new talent joins Smile?
A : Yes! There are 2 ways to be notified when your favorite talent joins Smile! You can subscribe to our newsletter, or if you request talent - you will get an email as soon as they join.

Q : How do I contact the Smile team?
A : We’d love to chat! Feel free to contact us here via whatsapp – 8296094024, and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Last updated : July 22nd 2020.10:23 AM

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