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bring to you the longest online fashion show !

1. What is The Lockdown Tribe ?

A: An idea that involves models and artists around the world to be a part of the online fashion show for the first time ever.  The Lockdown tribe online fashion show brings together models from various parts around the world to shoot a video of their ramp walk at home during lockdown.  

2. How do i make the video ? 

A: The video has to be shot in a wide angle ( landscape mode ). A model can use upto 45 seconds for one round of costume in the  video.  Similarly, the model who participates can make two videos and send. Music will be edited and new music for the entire show will be used by the organizers creative team. 

3. What Costumes can i wear ? 

A: You are at your own liberty to wear any costumes that are non-vulgar. 

4. Are there any Registration Fees for this ? 

A: We are not charging any Registration Fees for this contest. However, as a CSR, we would approach all participants to donate any small amount towards the COVID-19 Fund we would use to help the migrant labourers who travel or who have travelled towards our parts for their rehabilitation and food supplies. We as a team have been a part of COVID-19  support to over 25 families in the lockdown times by providing Food and essentials to the needy. 

5. Do we get any Prizes and Certificates for participating ?

A: Our Jury would decide one winner among all videos that are sent in. The criteria depends on creativity, ramp walk, Confidence and costume selection. 

The Prizes would include

            INR 2500 Worth of Gift Hampers / Gift Cards for the winner from Brocade / Antica & Craft Generator

         E- Certificates for all participants

         Mr Miss & Mrs Lockdown Title

         1st & 2nd Runner Up - Lockdown Tribe Title

         Subtitles for the next 10 winners collectively

         More Prizes if any to be announced soon !!!

6. What happens after we register and send the video ?

A: The videos sent are edited and upload on our Youtube Channel @OSCEventsManipal. The participant will have to gather votes as it is a contest and the votes care calculated based on the likes received on the likes only on the Youtube Channel. The videos are then  collated and uploaded as a single online fashion show on our Youtube channels - OSC Events Manipal and @AnticaDesigns. The video "maybe" submitted to the world book of records if we assume we have done a pretty good job for which we require your support to share and bring in maximum participants from around the world. 

7. Are there any Likes or Follows to win the Prizes ?

A: As mentioned, the winners will only be judged on criteria based on Creativity, ramp walk, confidence and costumes. However every participant is required to follow our official pages on instagram to stay updated on the benefits and related information on the online fashion show. No likes or comments will be taken into consideration for prizes.  

8. Do we have to prepare any extra videos ?

A: It is best if you could also make a video while you do your make up & dressing to make a collage of the same on how we did the video. However its your choice. 

9. Who can participate in this ? 

A: Anyone between the age group of 12 -  50 (women) and 12 -  40 (Men) from any part of the world can participate. This opportunity is  open to all genders and from any locations. 

10. Will my entry be filtered for selection ?

A: Yes. If we find the entry is not upto the mark, we may ask you to redo and re-submit it or we may decline your entry too .

To Register and upload your video - CLICK HERE

demo video 

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